Catfish Food

catfish food 300x168 Catfish FoodWith all the rain this year, we know that your ponds are full of water.  Is your pond also stocked with hungry catfish?  We have a variety of floating catfish food at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply from Wendland’s, and Lone Star Feed.  We had many successful fish truck deliveries this past spring and know our customers have their ponds filled with catfish. New to our store this summer is Lone Star Fingerling Fish Feed, which is BB sized pellets for growing smaller fish.  Our catfish food is highly palatable for maximum intake and viewing.  They are formulated to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption.  fish traps e1436181966974 168x300 Catfish FoodWe also have fish traps, turtle traps, perch traps, crawfish traps and minnow traps inside our store.

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