Corn & Hunting Supplies are Here!

aug.deercorn1 225x300 Corn & Hunting Supplies are Here!The hunting supplies you need for deer season is here at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.

Our corn sells for $7.99. It is a 50lb. bag (not 40lb. like elsewhere), cleaned, and aflatoxin-free. We also sell Horns Plus Persimmon Flavored Corn.  Too, we have deer blocks, Rice Bran in plain or peanut butter flavor and AntlerMax WaterShield deer protein pellets.

aug.foodplot3 300x225 Corn & Hunting Supplies are Here!We are your food plot seed headquarters and have the most options and knowledge of what you need right here in our store. Our food plot seed is sold by the pound or in 50lb. bags. We have bob oats, arrow leaf and crimson clover, wheat, Austrian winter peas, iron clay peas, vetch, annual rye, fall wildlife mix, turnip and mustard green seed.  Make your own mix, or use Joey’s Famous Food Plot recipe.

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