Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : A Thespian at the Feed Store

There have been several “characters” who have worked at the Feed Store through the years, and I would like to take this blog opportunity to discuss one in particular.  I wouldn’t normally talk about someone without their permission but since he is unavailable at the moment and I am feeling the pressure of a deadline I will claim the “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” exemption.

jimmys character 300x168 Jimmys Pharm Facts : A Thespian at the Feed StoreMost of the “characters” that have worked at the Feed Store would fall into the “interesting or amusing individual” category but the character I’m highlighting today is not of the oddball persuasion but a character that would fit “a person in a novel, play or movie” type.  That’s right we have a thespian (of sorts) working right here at the store.  This may come as a shock to some but Jim is an actor.  Jim is a Civil War re-enactor in an elite group, specifically a cavalry unit.  Jim has two sets of period correct costumes (which are really uniforms) to represent both opponents of the war.  Historical details of a battle, determines which uniform he wears and Jim is a stickler for detail.  While in character they eat, sleep and survive just like they stepped out of the late 1800’s, except for the occasional call to check in with the wives and sometimes these reenactments go on for days.  Jim’s cavalry group often has requests to portray Terry’s Texas Rangers also known as the 8th Texas Cavalry.  Jim’s cavalry group has also been hired to shine on the silver screen.  Although they haven’t had any actual lines, they get into costume and get to ride their horses in some beautiful country.

Now I know you are probably thinking, “What western has Jim been in?”, but if my memory serves me correct the last couple movies he has been a part of have been horror movies, and I just think that is funny.  But what is even funnier is seeing him after he has had his hair and make-up done.

Next time you’re in the store, make sure you talk a bit with Jim, he might even be willing to sign autographs!

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