Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : Can You Guess Jimmy’s New Obsession?

Jimmy8 298x300 Jimmys Pharm Facts : Can You Guess Jimmys New Obsession?I have a new obsession.  For all the grandparents and parents out there, if you have not discovered this yet I would highly recommend it.  It is sure to generate belly laughs, squinting of the eyes or just a good “ole fashioned” eye roll in response.

The thing of which I speak is called a bitmoji.  This is not related to Star Wars, Pokemon Go, Jumanji or any thing like the aforementioned.  The best way to describe this new obsession, for those not so “techie”, would be to take you back to the 1980’s (that’s my go to decade) and have you recall those caricature photos that were popular from art peddlers at Six Flags, carnivals and festivals, with one exception, they are digitized!!  I’m sorry, but seeing Meemaw and Pawpaw as a cartoon is funny, even when you are the Pawpaw!

So, if you are “low tech” like I am, have one of your grandkids make you a  bitmoji.  It is sure to entertain and add some humor to your life.

Audrey Hepburn once said, “I love people who make me laugh.” Since most would agree with her, let’s get to laughin’ this Valentine’s month, show some love and get some in return!!

Happy February!!

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