Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : Jimmy’s Best Season

jimmy blog picture may 2016 300x168 Jimmys Pharm Facts : Jimmys Best SeasonTo prepare for the blog this month, I conducted a little (non-scientific) “Feed Store” opinion poll to determine the overall best season of the year.  All the talk about Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall reminded me of a fad that took place back in the 1980’s.  You see my wife and sister-in-law who I’ll refer to as “Kathleen and Eva” owned a clothing store in downtown Lindale.  There are many infamous stories that could be written about “Kathleen and Eva”.  I could write about their famous after Christmas Sale where folks lined the street waiting to get in, or maybe the time they had a gun pulled on them on the interstate.  I could even write about their many shoplifter pursuits, when they thought they were “Cagney and Lacey”.

But, the story I am actually going to share today is a story about color analysis.  Back in the 80’s fashion world color analysis became very popular.  You were analyzed by having different colors of fabric draped on you.  To help you envision color analysis it is like going to the eye doctor and having him say 1 or 2 as he changes the lens.  In color analysis they would lay different fabric swatches over you and pick the best.  At the end of the color analysis you were given a “season”, which determined which colors looked best on you.  As you can guess, you were either a Spring, a Summer, a Winter or a Fall.

I was surprised to find out through my polling most everyone knew right away what the best season of the year was.  Guess what!  It was not Winter.  All the other seasons were almost evenly matched.  So if you are a Fall, this is your time to enjoy the pumpkin spice, cooler weather and changing leaves.  The rest of us have our season to look forward to and we will just have to endure Winter together.

Disclaimer:  For all you Winter’s out there, for those polled it was unanimous we all love Christmas, hot chocolate or coffee and a little bit of snow!

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