Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : Jimmy’s Ring of Fire

jimmy blog picture may 2016 300x168 Jimmys Pharm Facts : Jimmys Ring of FireFire is a mesmerizing thing.  You just can’t help but be drawn to its flickering light and the warmth of its glow.  I know campfires are nothing new but I have been fascinated by the latest “fire pit” craze that has been going on for the last few years. They draw people together and are a casual way to socialize even for the anti-social. Way back in the 1940’s my grandparents had a pot belly stove that heated their home and I remember gathering around the stove and taking a bath in a washtub after my grandmother had heated water on the stove.  In the 1950’s my other set of grandparents had their chimney capped and the firebox sealed with concrete.  They then had floor furnaces put in because the fireplace would not draft correctly and smoke would back up in the house.  In the 1960’s my parents had a house built and the plan called for a fireplace but my Dad took it out of the plan and replaced it with a bar because he didn’t want an “ole messy fireplace”! In the 1970’s when my wife and I bought our first new home, central heat and air had become a standard feature and a fireplace was a luxury so we splurged and had a fireplace put in. In the 1980’s we moved to an older but larger home that we remodeled.  This home had a Franklin stove, which was based on Ben Franklin’s invention the Pennsylvania Fireplace.  In the 1990’s my wife and I moved again to an even older home that we remodeled complete with fireplace, but we got smart and put in a fireplace with gas jets, the best of both worlds. I think we have tried it all…almost.  Since I have gone round and round with this family “ring of fire” talk, I think I have convinced myself to try an outdoor “ring of fire”. I’ll blaze my own trail, so to speak, as soon as the cold weather gets here of course.

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