Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : Refilling the Socialization Tank

For Christmas this year one of my children, whose identity I will hide at this time, got me a T-shirt with a quote written on the front.  In big bold letters the shirt said, “Introverts Unite:  We’re here, we’re uncomfortable and we want to go home”.  Well….some might have been offended had they received a gift like that, but seriously it pulled at my heartstrings a little because all I could think was… they know me so well.

family christmas picture 300x237 Jimmys Pharm Facts : Refilling the Socialization TankKnowing someone “so well” isn’t always pretty though.  Through the years I’ve heard sayings similar to “Home is where you are loved the most yet act the worst.” Ouch, that hurt!!  So I would like to personally tell each of my family members how blessed I was to be able to spend time with you this Christmas.  I was happy to see you (in alphabetical order) Brody, Brooks, Brian, Carolyn, Chet, Copeland, Courtney, Denise, Dylan, Eva, Gracie, Heath, Jack, Jason, Jeff, Jenna, Jenny, Jerry, Jill, Joey, Jon, Jordis, Journey, Julie, Kaden, Kathleen, Karter, Logan, Maggie, Meredith, Savannah, Stacy, and Stefanie!! The food, games & motorized vehicles made for a great day but the part about where we did it all together was the best!

The Bible says, “A house that is divided against itself will not be able to stand.” I am glad we are united and I hope that 2017 will bring unity for your family too!

P.S. To Chad, Clint and Katharine I am sorry I missed seeing you.  My socialization tank will be refilled when the time changes! Let’s get together then.


Happy New Year!!

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