Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : Spread Some “Manure”

jimmy2 300x225 Jimmys Pharm Facts : Spread Some ManureChristmastime’s a comin’ Christmastime’s a comin’.

During the 1980’s when the “VHS” tapes became popular my house always seemed like a runaway show tune.  There was constant singing, dancing, and lines from movies being quoted and acted out.  I know that almost everyone has seen the musical movies, The Sound of Music, Annie, Mary Poppins and Hello Dolly but me….. I’ve lived them.

At some point in time I have played a role in all of these musical movies, or at least been a spectator.  Lucky for me, it was generally from the comfort of my recliner, and usually with one eye open.  I have also had many of these movie lines used on me over the years, usually trying to persuade me to do what Daddy Warbucks would do. But you see, one of the most frequent lines used on me was from Hello Dolly, used mostly when someone, I won’t mention names, “needed” a little cash.   And the quote was, “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure.  It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.”  Sometimes I find myself catering to things that don’t necessarily need to be catered too, and the tender things go unattended.

So, this Christmas, I’d like to encourage you, myself included, to spread some “manure”!  Spread some at your church with your missions program.  Spread a little when you walk by the Salvation Army bell ringers around town.  Spread some, by “adopting” a child through the Lindale Christmas Helpers.  Even spread some around Lindale when you shop local but most importantly make sure you spread The Good News too!

As far as the rest of the hustle and bustle goes, do your best to be present, even if it’s in a recliner with one eye open!!

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