Seeds and Plants are Here!

apr.newsletter.seeds  300x225 Seeds and Plants are Here!Yes, the calendar finally says it is officially spring!  Daylight Savings Time arrived in March which means we have more daylight in the evenings.  Seeds and plants are here. We know many folks are using that time to garden.  We have the seeds that you need in  bulk and in packets for your garden, including a nice selection of organic seeds and non-gmo seeds.  Warm weather plants are arriving.  We have tomato and pepper plants in stock with squash, okra, eggplant, and watermelon plants on the way.  There are many varieties to choose from in almost any shape, size or color you can imagine in 6 packs and 4″ singles.  Heirloom, too.  After you’ve planted your garden, keep an eye out for an east Texas “Easter Snap” freeze.  You may need to cover your plants.

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