Shavings and Such

hayshavings resized 300x232 Shavings and SuchWhether you have chickens, pets, horses, show animals or all of the above, chances are you’ll need shavings, especially as the weather cools.  At Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply, we have Suncoast Large flake Pine Shavings, Suncoast Large flake Cedar Shavings, Country Boy Fine flake Pine Shavings (an economical choice) and also Standlee Straw Compressed bales.  Lots of our customers put a layer of cedar on the bottom and pine on top to help with insects and odor.  

stall wash kennel wash e1448478028347 168x300 Shavings and SuchWe also have a couple fabulous products from Noble Outfitters to keep your stall and kennels clean and odor free. Noble Outfitters Ready to Use Stall Wash is a great solution to those who show animals that travel. The deep penetrating formula cleans areas prone to pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus. It also works to neutralize odor and reduce fly exposure and is laboratory tested and Veterinarian approved. This proudly made in the USA product cleans on contact, made of non-toxic, food-grade safe ingredients, is safe if ingested and is fragrance and dye free. NEW Kennel Wash is here too for kennels, dog houses and living areas. Noble Outfitters® All-Purpose Kennel Wash is an innovative solution designed to mitigate bacterial and pathogen growth in animal living environments. With no re-entry time, this product is food grade safe and can be directly applied to living area with no scrubbing and no need to strip the stall!

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