Chick Days 2016

baby chicksChick Days 2016! It’s that time of year! Our store will be filled with the sounds of chirping chicks. Baby chicks start arriving on February 19 at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  This is the list of chicks we have on order, but not guaranteed. It is best to call the store at 903-882-3361 for current availability. Our first order will contain:

  • Araucana pullets
  • Australorp pullets

February 24:

  • Straight Run Bantams

February 26:

  • Production Reds
  • Barred Rocks

March 4:

  • Rhode Island Red pullets
  • Barred Rock pullets
  • Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets
  • Buff Orpington pullets

March 18:

  • White Rocks pullets
  • New Hampshire Reds pullets
  • Rhode Island Red pullets
  • Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets

March 25:

  • White Pekin Ducks

We’ll have everything you need for your new baby chicks including starter feed from Lone Star and Texas Naturals (non-GMO and all natural).  Don’t forget heat lamps, bulbs, waterers, feeders…we have everything you need for your new flock.  Call us at 903-882-3361 or stop in for more information on chick breeds and expected delivery dates.

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