Fixed Knot Fencing from Stay-Tuff

fixed knot fencing stay tuffDo you have a fencing project around your property? Stop by and check out the fixed-knot fencing we carry from Stay-Tuff Fence.

The Cattle-Tuff product is specifically designed for livestock control. It features a fixed knot fence.

Stay-Tuff fencing is constructed with heavy duty galvanization and has a  20 Year Warranty. All of the stay-tuff fence rolls come with 18” of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll.


  • Installs for the same as a 5 strand barbed wire fence.
  • Stronger than a 9 gauge hinged joint or barbed wire fence.
  • Lasts 3 times longer than traditional hinged joint.
  • Will remain tighter and won’t lose its shape.
  • Better able to absorb impact and maintains its tension even during severe temperature and climate changes.
  • Uses up to 40% less posts when compared to barbed wire so requires less labor time and is easier to install.
  • Does not sag or squash down the way traditional hinged joint farm fence does.
  • Cattle are unable to put their head through this fence.
  • Kinder to animals and less damage to the animal’s hide.
  • Superior design means that maintenance is negligible.

Source: Stay-Tuff Fencing

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