Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : 3 Keys to Successful Fishing

jimmy blog pictureWith the warm weather we have had lately, we have been tempted into thinking spring is here! My oldest grandson is the outdoor type and enjoys fishing, so I have already found myself standing on the bank of the pond. I have never considered myself a fisherman but one thing I know is fishing has come a long way since I was 13. Back then, going fishing consisted of a cane pole, a bobber, and some earthworms that you dug up in the yard. Really you spent more time just going fishing than actually fishing because a few minutes in, your attention would be drawn to something else and the pole would be on the ground. It also has changed a lot since my kids were 13, too. I am just thankful for Zebco reels and for whoever invented the swivel because we did much more lure changing than fish catching back then. Now days, my grandson is more like my fishing outfitter. I am the “wheels” and he has the “reels”….and everything else from the hooks to the garlic sauce. This next statement may sound like an exaggerated “Fish Tale” and somewhat like an advertisement but it is the truth (according to Jimmy)! We catch fish 9 out of every 10 trips. There is no time for boredom, there is always action. I have learned over the years for people like myself with shortened attention spans, there are 3 keys to being successful at fishing. First, you have to know where the fish are. It’s more about quantity than quality when 13 year olds are involved. I know where the fish are because I stock my pond with bass, crappie and catfish! The second key is to feed your fish! The reason I say feed your fish is because when you catch something, it is important for your mental game for there to be enough fight while reeling so you immediately know whether you have caught an actual fish or just a wad of weeds. It can be a devastating blow when pulling the swamp monster to the shore. Lastly, I am a proponent for catch and release, which really ties back to key number one. If you catch all the fish and don’t put any back soon you will have “no fish”. We all know that “no fish”, is “no fun” but really neither is cleaning fish and that is why we throw them back or sometimes relocate them. Now for the true pond management experts out there, I know this is not anything that would be recommended, this is simply what works for me. So, Happy “Early” Spring everyone! Enjoy the fishing weather while you can!

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