Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : An Update on “The Room”

jimmy fleming blog pictureI decided a “Re-run” was in order this month because well it is that time of year (Spring Cleaning) and I am feeling a bit lazy. I actually want to brag on my wife and myself just a bit. We have been doing a little updating to “The Room” mentioned in my April 2014 blog. Instead, of “The Room” having a doom and gloom connotation, I am now happy to announce that “The Room” has been sorted, de-cluttered, cleaned and carpeted. It is now a nice clean open room where my Grandsons can shoot nerf guns and roll around on the floor. (That’s the truth!) At some point we will add furniture, but after 20 something years we feel “The Room” is complete.

If you need to sort, de-clutter, and clean too, The We Care at the First United Methodist Church takes donations. It is a great ministry for our community. Now to tackle another project……Maybe…..or ….maybe Not!

From April 2014:

“To Spring Clean or not to Spring Clean…

I would like to make a confession. I am a hoarder. It is true.

In years past, I would have called myself, the collector type, a gatherer, saving for a rainy day, or perhaps a stockpiler. Those who know me well might have (at some point in time) used the term tight, a pack rat, squeaks when walks, or even the dreaded, hoarder. Now just to clear things up, if using the world of reality TV as a gauge, I see myself starring on American Pickers, rather than Hoarders: Buried Alive. Also, I was Doomsday Prepping when Doomsday Prepping wasn’t cool. But, I don’t have an illness I just have to keep the right balance. Right?!?

In life, there are almost always pros and cons to every situation. A positive example would be my grandson helping to fund a 6th grade class trip to Washington D.C. and New York City with scrap iron from years of “stockpiling”. My daughter and son-in-law were able to use doors and windows that had been “collected” and happen to match their 1949 home when they added on a room. Don’t even get me started on furniture. Many a room has been outfitted in my family from furniture that just needed a little refinish and upholstery. But to be fair to both sides, there are a few cons I could mention regarding the “pack rat” type comments. For instance, we have what we call “The Room” at my house. It’s kind of like what most people call a “junk drawer” except on a much larger scale. Another example might be my office, I know exactly where everything is….but I can’t find anything. Oh, and there was the time, a few years ago, my wife went into panic mode after the local news started a new segment called “Trashing East Texas”. She just knew we were going to be featured next. I remember that week well, we implemented Operation: Move All the “Treasure” to the Back of the House.

So, how should we answer the question, to Spring Clean or not? I guess when you get right down to it, some of us need to learn to be more frugal, better stewards, learn to recycle and get creative with what we already have. While some of us need to clean up, clean out, help someone in need, and donate to charity. No matter which is best for you, you are bound to feel better and be better off afterward!

But what about motivation you say! Well, whenever we need a little motivation around our house, either way, we throw a party! Nothing gets you motivated like throwing a party, especially when the invited guests are “neat freaks”.”

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