Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : I’m Giving Hugs in 2015

I have eaten too much and have stayed up too late the last couple weeks to really have a worth while topic to write about. So, for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to throw originality to the wind and go the “cliché” route. I’m going to write about… you guessed it, New Year’s resolutions.

jimmy blog pictureIn a conversation a few weeks ago, actually before my mind was clouded by all the Christmas Joy, I declared in my daughter’s kitchen, that in 2015 I was going to become a hugger. (Just to clarify, not a tree hugger, a real life people hugger, although my tree hugger tendencies might be an ideal topic for later.) Immediately following my 2015 hugger declaration there was a hint of dismissal when I received the hand signal in the shape of a “W” and the “whatever” eye roll. Please understand that back in the 1990’s if my teenaged daughters would have thrown that look or signal my way I would have taken offense. But now, years later, it seems to me ironically as a term of endearment. Anyhow, some people are huggers and some people are not. I am NOT a natural born hugger. What’s your point, you ask? Well, there is a book called The Five Love Languages, which honestly, I have not read, but I have heard all about it because every holiday, birthday, anniversary etc… someone in my family reminds me I must get a gift for Eva (who is my wife), because she is a “gifty”. I am not a “gifty”, but sometimes it is good to become something else for someone else to win them over so both of you can share the blessing. A little less selfish and a little more selfless, that, I guess, is my point or really my goal.

Just for clarification, I’m not setting up a “Huggy” booth at the Feed Store. I’m going to ease into HUGS2015 like easing into the swimming pool on opening day. I’ll start close to the steps and eventually branch out into deeper waters. My daughter recommended the sideways shoulder tap to get me started. Have a Happy New Year!!

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