Jimmy’s Pharm Facts : Leaving the Winter “Frump”

jimmy fleming blog pictureHello folks!  The time has changed and I am a new man.  Not really, but I have been awakened from my winter “frump”.  With all the extra daylight, I am seeing things in a new light.  What I mean is our town is so busy.  There are so many new things going on I feel like my head is on the rubber neck express.  The Doctors Hand & Hand building has sprung up quick and is looking nice.   The new Church of Christ building and remodel downtown is very eye pleasing.  Tyler Junior College is getting their building situated in the new Blackberry Square and when you pass the soon to be intersection of Hwy 69 and Loop 49 you will get the feeling of “where am I” because of the great mountain and valley low that has been created.  For me, the area that I have noticed the most is driving out the Old Mineola Highway.  Partly because my farm is out that way and that is my happy place and I visit the farm on a daily basis so that road is a road for me well traveled.  If you haven’t driven out that way lately you should because it is a drive that looks very different.  Until recently, the Old Mineola Highway drive was a very rural, wooded and curvy, natural drive with farms and ranches.  Honestly, it still is, but out of nowhere you come over a hill and encounter what my grandson refers to as “Stonehenge” and I would have to agree.  It is a modern day version, in a concrete jungle kind of way but definitely resembles that ancient site.  If you ask my opinion I don’t really care for it but as some people say (because this isn’t really something I would say) “It is what it is”.  Anyway, if you haven’t taken off your winter “frump” it is time to.  Get out and see what you can see and hopefully can stay in the “Loop”.

Happy Spring!

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