Jimmy’s Pharm Facts :: Old is the New NEW

jimmy blog pictureThe last couple of weeks I have taken a few moments here and there to mull over New Year’s Blog ideas. My initial goal was to write something refreshing and new, but as I started to think about different ideas I began to realize that “Old” is really the new, NEW!

Now, I know you’re thinking, he’s finally lost it, but I have proof that this phenomenon is taking place. My first item I’d like to admit into evidence happened recently over Christmas. My daughter was telling me about this “Old” chemistry table she had seen in the home at a Christmas party she attended. She described it to me and asked if I had used one like it when I was in college. After a few questions she began to back track saying well it was really “New Old” not “Old Old”. Hmmm…. Another piece of evidence I’d like to add comes in the food category. Has anyone heard of the new food fad called “Paleo”? If you haven’t heard it’s the Caveman Diet, eating what a caveman would eat. We are going way back for that one! How about Hollywood? Hollywood, knows “Old”, is the hot ticket. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on schedule to be the largest grossing movie of ALL TIME and I’m pretty sure its conception took place sometime back in the 1970’s. I could go on and on talking about how many common household items have made a come back in recent years like, vinegar, saline, and moth balls but now I’m just getting nit picky.

So to build a bridge to the New Year I think my motto for 2016 will take on the form of a question. This year I will ask myself, is this “good old” or “bad old” and maybe even is this “good new” or “bad new” that way in the event I find myself feeling like the Bellamy Brother’s lyrics:

“He’s an old Hippie and he don’t know what to do, should he hang on to the old or should he grab on to the new”, I’ll have a safety harness for support.

Happy 2016!

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