March :: Featured items of the Week

Every week in March, we highlight one of our favorite products at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply!  Each featured product is something you may need now as we look forward to spring, chicks are here, getting outside in the sunshine, or it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about!

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for March:

March 7 – Garden Additives  – Now is the time to get your garden soil ready for planting.  Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply carries the very best, and highest quality products for your soil including chicken and cow manure, cotton burr compost, cottonseed meal, dried molasses, and ag lime. Add these to your new or existing beds for the very best healthy growing environment for flower and vegetable gardens.

March 14 – Bulk Seed  – Once you get your garden beds ready, it’s time for planting!  Our bulk seed counter is filling up with seeds. Purchase as many or as few as you need!

March 21 – Vegetable Bedding Plants  – We have vegetable bedding plants in at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  Cool season plants like cabbage, lettuce, collards, and cauliflower are here.Warm weather plants are arriving.  We have tomato and pepper plants in stock with squash, okra, eggplant, and watermelon plants on the way.  There are many varieties to choose from in almost any shape, size or color you can imagine. We get more and more in every week to prepare for spring garden season. Questions? Give us a call at 903-882-3361.

March 28 – Fertilizer  – We have our 50 lb. bags of fertilizer blended locally at Lindale Fertilizer Inc.  We are highlighting 13-13-13 and 10-20-10 fertilizer formulas.  There are 3 basic elements in fertilizer: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (potash). They are often referred to as N-P-K and shown in numerical form 0-0-0 on fertilizer sacks. Each number represents the percentage of that particular element included.  For example, as a basic rule: Nitrogen (N) is for foliage and leaves, and gives a nice dark green color. The Phosphorus (P) is for root and stem development including root type vegetables. The Potassium (K) is for the blooming and fruiting processes. A balanced fertilizer contains some of all three elements, but not necessarily the same percentage of all three.

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