NEW Product : Redmond Rock on a Rope

redmond rockRedmond Rock is a natural equine salt and minerals block that is ideal for hanging in a barn, stall, or on a fence post. Everyone loves the idea of their horse getting the electrolytes and trace minerals they need from Redmond Rock, but it doesn’t always make sense to keep a rock on the ground. Each rock contains 60 trace minerals and electrolytes in a natural blend only nature could have made.

Each 3-5 pound Rock on a Rope hangs on a natural hemp rope. Tie it tight against the post to make it easier for your horse to lick, or give the rope some slack to create a healthy alternative to candy balls and other boredom busters in the stall. Outdoors, tying Redmond Rock on a Rope to a fence keeps the rock out of the dirt and mud, and tying it lower on a gate allows your horse to maintain the posture horses naturally assume when foraging.

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