NEW Products : Lady Bug Brand Compost

turkey compostWe are excited about these NEW items at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply as we prepare to plant our onion sets, potatoes and get ready for spring gardening, Lady Bug All American Turkey Compost and Mushroom Compost.  All American Turkey Compost™ consists of 100% turkey litter that has been properly composted. Use in the vegetable garden to help promote healthy root systems, water retention, and more fruit production.  Topdress the lawn with a ¼ to ½ inch layer of All American Turkey Compost™twice a year. Topdressing improves the microbial count, helping to fight disease and promoting water retention. This saves you money on your water bill!  mushroom compostLady Bug Mushroom Compost is organic and made with 100% composted mushrooms.  It helps de-compact soil, creates air flow and helps with water retention.

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